Friday Fives - Back to school / by Harry

Crash! Bang! Wallop! We are in 2012! And it's that time of year again...Back to school kids! Yay! Whoopee! Or, maybe not? If you have been met with glum little faces this week as your kiddies trundled off to school, why not turn those frowns upside down with a super duper back to school pressie? I know Christmas has only just passed but hey, why not continue to spread that goodwill and cheer? Why not indeed.

1) Lego lunchbox

Out of 10 I would give this little delight a hefty 10..and then some. The beauty is in the simplicity of the design. A good, honest hunk of lego for the lunchbox and your classic, noble lego man steps into the shoes of Mr. Flask. Goodness gracious Lego, you've done it again. Make lunchtime funtime by clicking here.


2) Pencils and pencil case

Pencil crayons are pretty nifty at the best of times but this set of pencil crayons and their collosal master are the bees knees. Eco friendly and so smooth you could rub your face on it. This pencil crayon set is a must have for any budding back to school artist. You can even get it personalised so little Johnny will have no problem identifying his creative tools from all the other budding Warhols. For more information click here.

3) Rucksack

Having an awesome rucksack is a pretty big deal in the school yard. The priorites are thus: robust, roomy and totally rad. Feast your eyes on this little beaut if you will. This will stand out from all the run-o-the-mill rucksucks out there. There are plenty of designs to choose from but I have a penchant for Ladybirds so I went with this little champ. Snap one up here.

4) Colour blocks

Ooh what a lovely spectrum of colours! These might be the finest set of building blocks I have ever clapped eyes on. Made by the very wonderful Learning Material Workshop these blocks are all about the open-ended play through stimualtion of light, colour and shadows. Now that's what I'm talking about! How much fun and learning can you get out of these? How long is a piece of string?

5) Easel

What better way to encourage your nippers to draw, paint and figure out some algebra than buying them a wee easel. With a plain side and a chalk side all of these things are achievable....especially if you have a mini Einstein in your midst. Trust me, this gift has legs. You can snap this one up from Ikea. Easel peasel.