Friday Fives - Bonfire night / by Harry

BOOM! CRACKLE. FIZZ. WHIZZ. OOOOOH. AAHHHHH. These are just some of the sounds you can expect to hear this weekend as Guy Fawkes/Bonfire/Fireworks night is celebrated. The big night is tomorrow so get ready to watch magical displays of fireworks and get lost in the mesmorizing flicker of the bonfire. All from a very safe distance of course. There are a few traditions that complete the perfect bonfire night. So make sure Scraps is safely tucked up inside, don your woolliest mittens and get preparing!

1. Fireworks

Everyone loves a firework. Some might say once you've seen one firework display you've seen them all. Not true! Personally I am partial to a nicely rotating Catherine Wheel but I know most people out there are a sucker for a Roman Candle. For any little people out and about this weekend, ear plugs maybe required as some of these beauties make a heck of a racket. Now, off you pop, best get practising your ooohhs and aaaaahs.

2. Parkin Cake

A lovely treat full of ginger, oatmeal and treacle. Lip smackingly delightful. Traditionally Parkin cake should not be eaten fresh. No siree. The folk from up North, where this taste sensation orginated from, insist it is best eaten slightly aged. Each to his own. Get those pinny's on and get baking I say. At least then your Parkin will be a day old when the fireworks display is in full throttle tomorrow night. There is a top notch recipe and a bit more Parkin history on the super Our Kitchen. 

3. Penny for the Guy

I'll lay down the basics for you. Create a life sized effigy of Guy Fawkes, stick him in a wheel barrow or old pram, trundle around your neighbourhood showing him off and ask people for money. Then, when you've made a pretty penny, chuck him on the bonfire. Jobs a good 'un. Perhaps not as popular as it once was, but let's make an effort to bring this tradition back to the forefront of bonfire night people! It's a hugely enjoyable project for the nippers and a perfect excuse to dress up as a cheeky ragamuffin.

4. Bonfire papercraft

You can play it super safe with the kids and stay indoors doing bonfire night craftiness if you'd prefer. And why not when you can create something as whizz-banging as this? Is there no end to how versatile and impressive coloured tissue paper can be? This is one of those craft projects that is so simple to do yet the results shout incredibly artistically gifted. It's a win win.

5. Sparklers

They get their own spot on the list because they are, quite simply, A1. The simple yellow sparks dance merrily as you waft your sparkle stick around leaving trails of artist genius floating through the air. It's like magic. Totally captivating and a fool proof smile generator. Grab that camera because there will be a bumper amount of photo oppourtunites. And don't forget to mitten up kids! Remember - safety never takes a vacation.