Friday Fives - Christmas Wish List - Crafty presents! / by Harry

Why not spend those well earned pennies on a little pressie that will get your nippers creative juices a-flowing and also occupy their crafty fingers for an afternoon? You never know you may well be cultivating a wee Jamie Oliver or a really famous origami-ist?! You're never too young to pick up glue stick or a whisk! It's also a marvellous way to keep the small people entertained whilst you sip a large sherry infront of Home Alone.

1. Design your own superhero cape

Yes. You did read that correctly. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's the best Christmas present to buy a child EVER. Fire up those imaginations and then really let rip when your hero-tastic garment is donned. Who knows or dares to dream about the superheroes you might have in your midst? Will it be Elf Boy or Glitter Girl? You never know, you may even get a visit from the big man himself, Mr Captain Christmas. 

2. Lion Tea Towel/toy

I love to kill two birds with one stone. Not literally you undertsand! This bobbydazzler of a present does just that. First off it's a tea towel, perfect for drying dishes I hear. Secondly, a wonderful little sewing project for a Winter's afternoon! Ingenious! And it's a delighful looking retro lion to boot! What's not to love about this? Why, absolutely nothing.  

3. Cooking kit

Look out Jamie there's a new kid in town! Buy your little tykes this top notch cooking kit and you'll have them whipping up Apple Pepper Pot Cake and Sizzling Lamb Lollipops in no time! This is the king of kiddies cooking kits because it contains nutritional know-how, kid-sized cooking tools, and fun recipes. Encourage your whipper snappers to cook food, enjoy food and love food! Tasty.

4. Origami placemats

Origami's really easy right? Easy peasy lemon squeezy? Well apparently it is if these adoarable placemats are to be trusted. Lay the table using said placemats, enjoy a scrumptious meal, tidy away then get those dextrous fingers out and start creating wonderful paper roosters and goldfish! The best thing about these rip roaring placements is that they come in a pad of 50, so by the time you've got through that lot you'll have an origami menagerie! Aces.

5. Christmas Robins

Ah the festive robin. No Christmas scene is complete without a little robin-red-breast tweeting away on a snowy windowsill. If taxidermy is not within your skillset I highly recommend going for the felt option. This lovely little set is a real crowd pleaser. Get the kids cutting, sewing and decorating and then hang their wares on the tree or on a door handle. A little bit of handmade Christmas cheer. Ho ho ho.