Friday Fives - Christmas Wish List - Kid's bedrooms / by Harry

Here we are again folks. This week we are concentrating on whizz bang goodies for your children's bedrooms. I remember having a china lamp that was an old boot that some mice lived in. The warm glow would ooze out of the little windows as I drifted off to sleep. It was a wonderful thing. Little trinkets such as these stay swirling around one's memory bank for years. So best snap up some proper little gems.

1. Bunting bedding

As you well know we have a penchant for bunting here. So, needless to say we went a bit doolally when we clapped eyes on this super nice bedding from Ikea. My mum would describe this quilt cover as 'fun' and on this occasion I whole heartedly agree. You can't turn your nose up at the price either. At just under eight British pounds it's a winner through and through. 

2. Airplane light

Oooh this is so good I want to give it a little nibble. This beautiful airplane light will definitely trigger those little imaginations. Picture, if you will, all the stories and adventures this airplane will inspire. Perhaps it ferries around the tooth fairy and Santa's little helpers? The possibilities and good times are endless. It's a rip roarer. Designed and made in France and available here.

3. Animal cushions

I'll put my hand up here and say I have a bordering-on-unhealthy obession for clothes emblazoned with animals. I recently purchased a jumper that has galloping horses all over it. These Urban Outfitter cushions therefore are totally floating my boat-ing. As luck would have it three of my favourite animals feature here; horses, rabbits and stags. Could this sitution get any better? I don't think so.

4. Elephant money box

Coppers ahoy! Looking at these money boxes makes me feel like my head is in a brightly coloured balloon. Retro design at it's very best here peeps. First handed out by the Union Bank in the 70's, they are now back with avengance and being made in the same Finnish factory. Big money box. Big colour. Big savings. Kerching!

5. Ship Wallpaper

Shiver my timbers! Have you ever seen more delighful wallpaper? Designed by an 8 year old boy, who has the best name ever; Otto Dunker, this wall covering is full of class and whimsy. Perfect for any budding shipmates or pirates, it would look totally fab in a little persons room. The beautifully drawn boats against the vintagey off-white background make this wallpaper irresistible and soar to the top of my Christmas list.