Friday Fives - Christmas Wish List - Kids clothes / by Harry

Yikes! It's come round quickly this year folks. Not long now to Christmas! Something tells me this tropical weather we've been experiencing doesn't bode well for a white Christmas. Don't let that dampen your festive cheer though. It's time to start thinking about all that lovely gift giving. This is the first in a series of Christmas gift themed Friday Fives. It's all about the little people in our lives! So, first up is a selection of super snazzy apparel.

1. Ink & Spindle Onesie

This little romper suit boasts all the buzz words; handmade, 100% organic cotton, printed with eco friendly inks and looks properly lush to boot! Based in Australia, the totally charming Ink & Spindle also design and print by hand, fabric and quilt kits. You've got to love a quilt kit! All their designs are inspired by nature and the environment around them. Even writing about this awesome little company makes me feel wholesome. Imagine how you'd feel if you owned some Ink & Spindle goodness!

2. Wolf and bear hooded jumper

I want one of these. Seriously. Santa, if you are reading this is what I want for Christmas. Reversible jumpers are the bees knees. This one allows you to be a wolf or a bear. It's a difficult choice to make but either way you are onto a winner. Made by the wonderfully named Waddler, these jumpers are made from baby aplaca wool. Wowsers. It might be slightly toppy price wise but this calibre of woolly jumper will last and last and be the most sought after of hand me downs.

3. Handmade pinafore

I still hanker after the days where wearing a pinafore was an every day occurance. Wearing one when you are in your 30's doesn't quite have the same effect on passers by. Etsy is awash with gorgeous pinafores made out of the loveliest of vintage fabric but the ones made by Tegan and Bailey are my favourite. The fabrics are unique and rich and the simple design lends itself to a dress or pinny. They can be made in measure too! Quick! Snap one up now!

4. Baby Converse

CROCHETED Converse slippers. Yes. You heard me correctly. I am actually the proud owner of some of these. When I first bought them I literally didn't take them off for weeks. Wearing them made me feel like the coolest cat in town. How rad would your nippers look sporting a pair of these? Massivley rad is the answer. Looking at this picture I sort of what to eat them. Which would be silly. But you catch my drift. Pint sized crocheted Converse. Yum. 

5. Baby seal

Is it a romper suit? Is it a blanket? No! It's a baby seal. Not a real one I hasten to add. This is a stroke of Icelandic genius. A beautifully crafted 100% wool blanket that has arms, legs and a hood. HONK HONK. SLAP SLAP. That's the sound of an actual seal singing and clapping it's appraisal at such a tip top idea. Just picture your little dumplings wrapped up in one of these over the festive period, all rosy cheeked in front of a fire. Mmmmmm, toasty.