Friday Fives - Christmas Wish List - Kids musical instruments / by Harry

Rooty-toot-tooooot! Plinky plonk plonk. Rat-a-tat-tat. These are just some of the lovely sounds you could be hearing, constantly, this Christmas! All you have to do is buy your nippers some musical instruments. You never know, you could have a little Bruce Springsteen or Tina Turner in your midst. I whole heartedly believe if I'd have been allowed the drum kit I hankered after as a child I would be, well, I'd be a drummer by now.

1. Xylophone

What a brilliant word xylophone is. Also, glockenspiel. That's another corker of a word. Very different beasts though, the xylophone and glockenspiel. The sounds emitted when you strike each bar is almost other-wordly. This beautifully crafted xylophone can only produce lovely, dulcet notes so there is no room for a racket with this music maker in residence. OK, there may not be any hugely famous xylophone players out there but there SHOULD be! Snap one up now and get those littles ones in training!

2. Accordian

If nothing else, the accordion is a whole lot of fun. It looks fun and sounds funny. Hence, a whole lot of fun. To play the accordian one must be able to do two things at once; play a keyboard and compress/expland the bellows. This may sound like a right old palaver but trust me, it's worth it. Especially if little Johnny learns a few carols and accompanies the festive family sing-a-long. Pop one in your basket quick smart.

3. Thumb Piano

What a marvellous invention! It's easy to make great tunes with this little smasher. Simply press down on a key and when you release it the vibrations make a charming sound on the wood. I reckon your wee ones could knock out a few hit melodies in matter of minutes. Due to the intriguing nature of this musical instrument, it will undoubtedly provoke much chatter and interest when revealed on Christmas morning. You can get this tuneful treat from Etsy.

4. Wooden rattle

And now something for the very little aspiring musicians amongst us. This rattle would not look out of place shaking about on a stage in the capable hands of a fully fledged rock star. It would also look pretty amazing in the hand of your toddler. Get them feeling the rhythm at a young age and encourage them to shake, rattle and roll to the Peppa Pig theme tune or a bit of Rastamouse. These super smooth wooden rattles are also from Etsy.

5. Instrument set

If one musical instrument doesn't quite cut the mustard, treat your children to this most wonderful set of 5. What do we have here altogther? Well, there is fish and rubbing stick, a giraffe tambourine, a flower castanet, a hedgehog rhythm block (my personal favourite) and a nightingale shaker. Phew! A whole orchestra! You could form your very own band of merry men this Christmas. This musical nugget is from the always brilliant Soopsori.