Friday Fives - Fairies / by Harry

Do you believe in fairies? I do. I relish the thought of Spindle Berry and Totter Grass tucked under a leaf in my little garden. Perhaps they enjoy chattering away to the gnomes when the sun has set? As a little girl I would devour the Flower Fairy books and marvel at the beautiful, intricate illustrations. Any flourishing interest in the Fairy World should be encouraged and embraced. Afterall, we all need a wee bit of fairy magic in our lives.

1. The Complete Book of the Flower Fairies

This beautiful hardback book is a must have for any fairy fanciers out there. It's a magnificent compendium of all of the Flower Fairies showcasing Cecily Mary Barker's exquisite illustrations and accompanying poems. It's an inspirational read and makes you want to rush out to the nearest garden to forage around for the little folk. Snap it up from Amazon.

2. Fairy Cakes

Yumtiddlyyumyum. Fairy cakes are so called because you scoop out a 'disc' from the top of your cake, cut it in half, then replace in a dollop of butter icing therefore creating fairy wings. A perfect way to spend a drizzly January afternoon with your fairy lovers. Why not add a dusting of edible glitter to boost the fairy quota right up? There's a lovely recipe on Recycle Baby.

3. Fairy wings

The essential accessory for any serious fairy worshipper is, of course, a perfect pair of fairy wings. To my mind they should be delicate, pure and simple. So when I stumbled across these I was all a flutter. Once donned, don't be surprised if your wannabe fairy starts to leap and frolic and demand to be reffered to as Periwinkle. Order online from The White Company.


4. Fairy dust

This is a belter of an idea. Your very own personalised fairy dust in a dinky little corkstopper bottle. Imagine the look on your little fairies faces when they unveil their special concoction of magical dust! Perhaps a sprinkle of fairy dust in the garden or the window box will encourage the fairies to make an appearance? How enchanting! Discover them on Etsy.

5. Fairy Meadow Flower Seeds

I saved the best for last my little pixies. You can buy a packet of seeds that when planted and looked after, will sprout up to give you your very own mini fairy meadow. I think it's pretty safe to say that if you tend to your burgeoning garden and ensure it's well watered and loved the fiaries will come in their droves. The question is fairy fans, will you be lucky enough to spot one? Buy a packet from Botantical Interests and get sowing pronto!