Friday Fives - Halloween crafts! / by Harry

Boo! Halloween is fast approaching and with one week to go we decided to collect together some suitably scary Halloween crafts for your wee ghosties and ghoulies to busy themselves with in preparation for the main event. Heck, you might even find yourselves armed with a glue stick and paint brush too. Get those knobbly witches fingers at the ready, don your most crooked of pointy hats and hunker down for a real good spooky time! Bru ha ha ha!

1. Jack-O-Lanterns

There is something about the phrase 'Jack O'Lantern' that totally conjures up the spirit of a traditional Halloween.  It makes me think of beard toting, wizardy looking fellas, holding lanterns aloft as they snake through their village, perhaps doing a spot of chanting. Oooh spooky dooks! Anyway, straggly beards aside, you can be the proud owner and creator of your very own papier mache Jack O'Lantern by popping across to Made by Joel and following the not-scary-at-all tutorial.  

2. Owl pops

Twit-ta-woo-hoooooo! Have you ever seen an owl look quite so delicious? I don't think so! Now. You might have to channel some serious Delia skills here but I have unfathomable amounts of faith that you can all whip up these totally irresitable treats. The base of these birdies is rice krispie cakes, the cake that fills the number one spot on everyone's Top Ten cake list. Snap! Cackle! and indeed (Owl) Pop! For the full run down go to Meet the Dubiens. 

3. Bat bunting

I'm OK with spiders and mice but stick a bat in the scenario and I'm reduced to a shuddering, shrieking mess. However, if you remove all the terrifying elements like the vampire teeth, skeletal wings and the fact that they purposely fly into your hair and stay there, flailing around, I think they can look quite charming. Especially when fashioned out of black card and threaded onto some fishing wire. As luck would have it that's exactly what the clever chaps at Dream State Inspiration have done!

4. Knock 'em for six!

Having a halloween knees up? Need some ideas to keep the little trick or treaters occupied? Look no further fright fans! This here is a good old fashioned knock down the tin can game! Catchy title right? It's simple really. Just paint up some tin cans to resemble a big fat pumpkin or a ugly old witch, stack them up then pelt them with balls. Yes readers it's fun and spooky. Two for the price of one. Don't say I never give you anything. Click through to Kidzui for the complete run down.

5. Yarn spider

Oooh a big, fat, juicy spider. Tasty! I highy recommend whipping up a few of these bad boys and surreptitiously placing them around the house. You know, in the chutney cupboard or under the bedclothes. Eek! A heck of a fright is in store for someone! If you were feeling fervently crafty you could make a cluster of spiders and then truss them up in the rafters. It would be like a scene from Arachnophobia. Shudder! Find the full tutorial on Kaboose.