Friday Fives - Halloween Traditions / by Harry

'Double, double toil and trouble; fire burn and cauldron bubble!' Ooooooh! Fright night is almost here my scary little goblins! This weekend I fully expect you to be scampering around hunting down the plumpest of pumpkins and the creepiest of candies to give your trick or treaters. No Halloween is complete without a couple of stalwart traditions, so here is a list of eerie essentials for this weekend.

1. Apple Bobbing

Who knew one could get so much fun out of a simple apple? Don't get me wrong, I have been known to partake in some pretty enjoyable apple bobbing in my time. But never before have I seen apples-to-be-bobbed looking quite as ghoulish as these little horrors! Yikes! Peel those apples then carve some freaky deaky faces into them. Hands behind backs, limber up those chattering teeth and get a' bobbing kiddies!

2. Trick or Treat

Trick or Treating is every childs dream. You get to dress up, run amock in your neighbourhood and people give you sweets for free. Jumping jellyfish! Does a kids life get any better? However, lest us not forget to be prepared when Trick or Treaters come a' callin' and a' frightning readers. I heartily recommend you rustle up some olde looking boxes to store your tantilising treats and terrifying tricks in. I think you'll agree these look suitably wizened and ominous. Featured on the delicious eighty25.

 3. Carving pumpkins

At the tip of the top of the Halloween tradition tower is carving pumpkins. They. Always. Look. Amazing. There are some spellbinding examples of genius carvery around but there is nothing quite as satisfying as a good old gnarly face smiling menacingly back at you. Get those child friendly carving tools out and let your most shuddersome creative juices flow, carve until you can carve no more, pop in the window and wait to hear the blood curdingly screams of passers-by! Bruhahahahahahah. Hahahah. Ha. For a step by step guide click here.

4. Pumpkin pie

Have you ever wondered what utter bliss would taste like? Wonder no more people. Wonder no more.  It tastes like pumpkin pie. I am not a pudding lover per se but egads... stick a slab of pumpkin pie in front of me and it's chow down central. With bells on. You have half the ingredients left over from your pumpkin carving sesh so there's no excuse really. It's life changing people. Life changing I tell you. Lip smackingly delicious recipe can be found on the wonderful Foods of our Lifes.

5. The Monster Mash

This may not be a well known tradition, it may not be a tradtion at all... but it should be. Watching/appreciating/worshipping this song and it's accompanying video should be mandatory on Halloween. Bobby Pickett and the Crypt Kickers sure knew what they were doing. It's wonderfully funny and kitsch and contains ghosts, ghouls, vampires, screaming ladies, massive cats and men wearing dreadful dinosaur outfits. It is Halloween hilarity. It is Halloween gold. It IS Halloween. Now, would anyone like to see my Trannsylvania Twist?