Friday Fives - Leaves! / by Harry

Autumn has been playing hide and seek with us of late but there is no denying the leaves are turning golden and the wind has started whistling up our trouser legs. Leaves are sailing down from their branches and falling to the floor creating a crunchy carpet under foot. If you have never partaken in the wonderful act of leaf pile kicking I highly recommend you put it at the top of your Autumnal to do list. For more information on leaf based fun, keep reading...

1. Marble Leafing

I discovered this wonderful idea on Little Wonder's Days. If I were you I would click the link and read the post. It's a little heart warmer! These beautiful marbled leaves are bundles of fun to make (you use shaving foam!) and will make you look like an A-grade artist! Why not thread some fishing line through them and make a lovely long line of bunting? Oodles of rustic, Autumnal goodness peppering your walls and windows. Delightful.

2. Leaf book

Oh now this is a real crowd pleaser. Next time you are out for a stroll in Mother Nature's garden pick up some nice big leaves, the flatter the better. Then make your own little book using the leaves as pages. Read all about it on the Making Books with Children blog. I imagine the little woodland people that live in the hollow tree trunks have been making books like this for years.

3. Coffee filter leaves

How pretty are these on a scale of 1 to 10? A whopping 10 I say! These really are very simple to make and look especially wonderful when the light shines through them. The step by step instructions can be found on The Chocolate Muffin Tree. I'll hold my hands up and say I am not a coffee fan but after seeing this treat of a tutorial I'll be cadging some coffee filters from my local caff. Heck, I'll even drink the stuff if I have to.

4. Drawing leaves

Having taken in the beautiful image above you may be forgiven for thinking it was created by an artistic genius. Hold on to your seats people. This masterpiece was created by a child. Wowsers! The very wonderful New City Arts blog, which you really must read from cover to cover, err or post to post, will tell you how to create this with no bother at all. The thing I love most in this tutorial is that they use a ghost print. You've got to love a ghost print.

5. Leaf ring

Technically a wreath. But the word wreath always sounds a bit morbid doesn't it? Anyhoo. A ring it is. Who says doors can only be decorated at Christmas? Let's get those doors looking fancy in Autumn too! Read through Martha Stewart's tutorial and fashion yourself a most marvellous leaf ring. I love the colour wheel effect of the reds turning into the yellows. It's an absolute corker.