Friday Fives - Marvel Comic goodies / by Harry

Avengers assemble! I know a certain little fella called JoJo who loves Marvel Comic book heros almost as much as his Dad does. There is no denying the brilliance and unwavering appeal of these classic comic book characters. Their names alone get my Spidey sense a-tingling; Galactus, Banshee and Nightcrawler. Yowsers! Imagine a dinner party with these chaps? If only dreams could come true.

 1. Cookie cutter

Cookies that look totally awesome? Check. Cookies that taste totally awesome? Hopefully. Cookies that take 17 hours to ice properly? Definitely. I am sure there is no doubt in anyone's mind that these look the bomb diggy but make sure you put a few hours aside to carefully ice these bad boys. It will be totally worth it, I promise, but you might want to set your wee ones expectations slightly lower than the talents of the cake-icing-whizz who did these. Snap them up here.

2. Wall stickers

Hulk SMASH! Let your kidders run riot with this super stylin' set of Marvel hero wall stickers. Imaginations can run wild... stick The Hulk on Captain America's head whilst Spiderman squats gingerly in front of them, unphased and unsure at what it is he sees before him. Anything can happen and anything goes. You can just take them off the wall and start all over again. Endless possibilites and hours of fun to be had. Stick one in your basket here.

3. Spatulas

I'm sure Captain America never thought his heroic head would be on the end of a spatula one day. Perhaps not what every superhero dreams of but hey, beggars can't be choosers. I guess this nifty kitchen tool is for the adult fans out there and why the dickens not? I would say they are an absolute neccessity for making those cookies from earlier. The one cannot exist without the other. Well, that's what Wolverine told me anyway. Buy here.

4. Marvel party kit

Fear not parents of Marvel comic fanatic children! Themed birthday party help is at hand! If I were a Marvel comic hero I'd be called The Funtime Fixer. Pretty intimidating yes? All the gubbins you could ever need for a birthday party is a click away, just here. Plates, cups, banners, party favour bags... you name it. It's there. With all the little ones dressed as superheros and the jelly and ice cream flowing freely you might have quite the party on your hands.

5. Paper cube heros

I'm not sure it's particularly super-heroesque but I had to slip in a bit of paper craft. I think Blade would approve. Here you can fashion your very own paper Marvel Comic hero, with a square head. There's plenty of the crew to chose from; The Silver Surfer, who essentially looks like an empty toilet roll and the Invisible Girl who is, essentially, invisible. Good luck trying to cut that skallywagg out paper-superhero fans! You can download the templates right here.