Friday Fives - Pigs / by Harry

I started to collect pigs when I was around 10. For years I would carefully curate my own exhibition on a set of shelves in my bedroom. China ones, cuddly ones, wooden ones and even homemade ones. Then for my sixteenth birthday I received two saddleback pigs. Real pigs. Real ones. Peppa Pig wasn't even a glint in Daddy Pig's eye back then. Now Peppa rules the kiddies airwaves, one can only hope these little piggies inspire them to request a pair of swine for their 16th birthday too!

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 1. Money box

Every kid worth their weight in gold should have a lovely, fat, piggy money box. Excitedly popping your pennies into your pig and patiently waiting until you uncork the base to count your grand savings of £4.57 is always such a treat! This bright orange Tamworth, if I'm not mistaken, is just the ticket. From Etsy. 

2. Pass the Pigs

Ooh now this is a corker! If you've not played Pass the Pigs you haven't lived! Shake the two wee piggies then roll them across the table. They will land in a gaggle of different postions and each one is worth a certain amount of points. It's a right old squeal kids! My personal favourite move is the Leaning Jowler....closely followed by the Oinker. Snap one up here. 

3. Pig cupcakes

Mmmm how can you not want to gobble them all up immediately! The shape of a cupcake lends itself beautifully to a pigs' head don't you know. To whip up these little gems all you need are some simple cupcakes, some pink icing and good knowledge of piggie's face. Don't be scared to tuck in peeps...piggie wouldn't want it any other way.

4. Charlotte's Web

Ah yes. Wilbur the pig. Bless this wee piggie. This is the charming tale of a wonderful friendship between a pig, a little girl and a spider called Charlotte. It is a must read for all children. Along with Wilbur, Babe from The Sheep Pig really did a lot for child/pig relations in my formative years and I sincerely hope this is continuing to this very day.

5. Pig ears

Wear your piggie ears with pride my little piglets! You'd best start practicing those oinks and squeals because as soon as you don these bad boys there's going to be a whole lot of piggery jokery going on. Simple to make and a definite contender for Best in Show. Check it out here.