Friday Fives - Shapes / by Harry

Shapes. Simple and striking. And more often than not what toddlers use to develop their focus when growing up. They are important little blighters! Of course shape based fun can be found in most nooks and crannies but there are some really super shapes out there that simply must be snapped up.

1. Mini Eco shapes

If you haven't discovered the Mini-Eco blog yet I suggest you pop over there pronto (or as soon as you have finished reading this post!). Jam packed with the most wonderfully colourful crafts for you and your children, it really is an inspiration. Not only do these shapes give maths a massive high five due to them being polyhedras, (yes, I just said polyhedras), but you can make them and hang them up! Full instructions right here.  

2. Wooden shape sorter

I love the boldness and brightness of this shape sorter. It's a classic children's toy that never loses it's appeal. This stalwart game will teach your fledgling Einstein's basic geometric shapes and proportions...without them even knowing! Sssh! I proclaim it to be an essential folks! Essential I tell you! Buy one here.

3. Handmade floor shapes

Warning! These homemade floor shapes will make you green with envy! Not only because they look so superbly lovely but they were made by mum, Merrilee from Mer Mag. Such a simple idea and plentiful with options for a little person to discover. All you need is some wood and some paints and hey presto! It's a winner. Check out the full tutorial here and take some time to have a scout around the other things on Merrilee's blog!

4. Foam shapes

Now everyone knows that bath time is FUN time. But bath time can be fun time and LEARN time too! These foam shapes are just what the doctor ordered. For under an English pound you can get your hands on this gaggle of colourful shapes for your precious bairns to play with whilst bathing. Watch as they create fantastical pictures and bizarre goings on all on the side of your tub! Spend your 75p right now people; click here.

5. My Very First Book of Shapes

Mr Carle has a book for every childs need and this time it's no exception. This book is a delight. Take your kiddies on a trip through size heaven. Can you find something round? Or square? The pages are split in half allowing you to embark on a fun filled size matching game. It's an adventure in size and discovery. As with all of his books it's beautifully illustrated, timeless and ever so clever, Trevor. Pop along to Amazon to snag one.