Friday Fives - Socks away! / by Harry

Ooh I love a good sock don't you? Personally I am an avid odd sock wearer. That probably means I am slightly unhinged or something...hey ho. Here's a top tip: stick on some socks that are slightly too big for you and then rub your feet on a nice thick carpet. It really is the most wonderful feeling. But socks aren't just for feet you know. They offer a plethora of creativity and good times... as you are about to find out...

 1.  Sock toy

Anything that contains the word 'sausage' get's my vote and this little dude here is known as 'Sausage Roller'.  Need I say more? Check out the levels of awesomeness this pup oozes. It's too much! So, listen up craft fans... You can make him!  Go to the Craft Schmaft site and follow their tutorial. Easy peasy. In his spare time I believe Sausage Roller likes to partake in a spot of Gin Rummy whilst sipping an ice cold glass of strawberry milk.

  2. Best socks ever

You might not admit it but everyone has a place in their heart for a novelty sock. Heck, I know I do. I have some special love for a bright purple pair adorned with sheep. It's the Welsh pride you see. If you are too cool for school to bust out your favourite Burt and Ernie socks in public, why not stick some proper bobbydazzlers on your little ones? These beautys from Trumpette are so good you will want to don them yourselves. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if some of you actually try to squeeze your feet right in there. Ugly sisters eat your heart out.

  3. Sock puppet

Ah the old classic! Stick your hand in an old sock and lo and behold you have a live creature on the end of your arm. Still, to this day, I find the magic of a sock puppetry pretty awe inspiring. These little tykes were expertly fashioned by the wonderful people at Button Bag. Grab the kids and make a monkey, make a zebra, hey make a whole menagerie and while away the hours talking in squeaky voice to your sock covered hand. That does sound bonkers... in a good way.

  4. Blindmice socks

Someone has read my mind and is finally celebrating odd socks. Blindmice believe socks don't stay in pairs because they are individuals. And now I beleive that too. There are bundles of solo socks to choose from. Imagine the relief of not having to scramble around looking for the matching sock for your wee one every morning. You could spend that extra time catching another two or three winks or making sock puppets. Go on... you know it makes sense.

5. Sock fish

Here he is again people....Mr. Joel Henriques! Our good friend constantly features the most charming craft projects on his most excellent blog, Made by Joel. This is a craft that can be done in a jiffy! You can't say fairer than that. All you need is a... yup you've guessed it... a sock, a bit of snipping and stuffing, some buttons and piff puff poof! You have yourself a very fine fish. Made out of a sock. Yay!