Friday Fives - Story Time / by Harry

Everyone loves a good story. Be it funny or sad, happy or bad, listening to a tale unfold is really quite magical. Some of the best storytellers in town are the little ones. The imagination of a child is full of unharnessed possibilities and unique flashes of genius. Bundle this up with the bones of a good narrative and you've got yourself a tiptop story. Here are some ace story based goodies for you and the wee storytellers.

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1. Story cubes

It's a classic and never fails to conjure up the most bonkers of stories. This lovely kit includes hand stamped wooden blocks, a pen and a jotter to record your enchanting stories. The attention to detail in this wonderful game is really quite special. Roll the cubes to discover your who, what, where's and why's and relish the conjuring up of story magic. Available from Etsy.

2. Tell-A-Story

Here's a smashing board game that's all about memory and story telling. Collect the appropriate cards, decide which order they should go in then set those story fires alight! Not only is this game a right royal hoot it also promotes imagination, creativity, logic, memory AND communciation. Phew! Can't say fairer than that. Buy one from Amazon.

3. Time Capsule

I will never forget learning about time capsules from Peter Duncan on Blue Peter. The excitement, the intrigue, the digging and the discovering is almost too much! Get your kiddies to collect together photos, pictures, drawings etc and then ask them to write a story about themselves, their lives, what they like doing....let them run wild! Put everything into a jar or box then bury it!! It's a barrel load of fun! Here is a handy book to refer to for more time capsule based ideas!  

4. The Other Side

This is a rip roarer of a story telling game! The wee ones must choose a classic fairy tale, let's say Little Red Riding Hood. Now then. Ask them to tell the story from the point of view of a different character. I wander what Granny was up to before the wolf popped over? What did she say when she opened her door to the toothy baddy? Did the story turn out differently? You can write, draw or act out the Other Side of these classic tales and prepare to create some story telling masters!

5. Story starter

This is a delightful do-it-yourself approach to a story starter game. Grab a few scraps of paper and write down some story points, characters, locations, go on..let your imagination run wild! Pop them into envelopes and let the kiddies pick a few then act out a story around them. They will relish the challenge and I dare say there will be a few laughs for mum and dad too! Follow the tutorial on Penny Carnival.