Friday Fives - Stripes / by Harry

Stripes possess a simple, clean cut beauty don't you think? Full of class and impact. A good set of stripes can really liven up a dull situation. Anyway, I shall stop singing the praises of stripes and get a wriggle on with my top five stripey things....

1. Striped Romper

Rainbow stripes! The very best a stripe can be. Any baby dressed in this bobbydazzler will be a ray of sunshine...It's magic! If happiness were an item of clothing I believe this romper suit would be that item of clothing. Guaranteed to brighten days and add dollops of goodness to all the wee babies. Buy it from the lovely Pippa and Ike Show.

2. Zebra Mask

If you've never seen a real zebra I think you could be forgiven for thinking they don't actually exist in the real world. The most enchanting and intriguingly patterened of animals and the owners of a particulary wonderful set of stripes. This mask is beautifully handmade and will inject some animal magic into your childrens playtime. Buy from Etsy.

3. Do Pigs Have Stripes?

Well it depends on the breed. A Large White does not but a Saddleback does. You learn something new every day eh folks? This book is bright, fun and silly. Essential ingredients for a good book. A lovely way to teach your toddlers about animals and it's a bit of a guessing game too. Everyone's a winner! Buy from Amazon.  

4. Rubber Ducks

I don't think I have ever been in a bathroom that is without a rubber duck. It's a mandatory bathroom accessory. And not just for kids. This collection of striped duckies are just a delight. Buy one or two or really push the boat out and buy a whole raft of them. A bath tub full of these beauties will make bath time extra special. 

5. Ginger Cat

Oh my! What a marvellous looking cat! He's called Ginge. You too can be the proud owner of this vision of purrfectio. All you have to do is get your crafty knitting hat on and let rip. Oh and also buy the book containing the instructions. That book would be 'The Knitted Odd-Bod Bunch'. It's a little piece of knitted heaven I tell you. Get involved and purchase a copy from Amazon...immediately, if not sooner.