Friday Fives - Wheels! / by Harry

Hello friends. I watched the wonderful French documentary Etre Et Avoir the other night. It's so captivating and heart warming and wonderful. I recommend it times a billion. One of my favourite scenes is when a little girl called Marie is on her way to school in the back seat of the car, totally transfixed by the world around her whizzing by in a beautiful green blur. It's a single, long shot and that's all that happens. It's quite brilliant. Kids are fascinated by cars, buses, trains and anything with wheels. And so, here are some wheel based goodies for you to peruse.

1. School bus cookies

Yes please sir! How lipsmackingly delicious and delighful do these look? An iconic yellow school bus is always going to raise a whimsical smile but in cookie form the yellow school bus is sure to be gobbled up in a delirious frenzy. Yumdiddlydumdum. As Roald Dahl would no doubt say if he were lucky enough to consume such culinary genius.

2. Breakfast train

Choo choo! All aboard the brekkie train! I have always been a fan of a toast rack but this one gets the gold star. Hands down. This little chain of carriages will transport your yummy breakfast across the table as precious cargo. Need more room for a few more toasted soldiers? Worry not. Extra carriages can be bought and fastened to the other with magnets. Another wonderful idea from Reiko Kaneko, a terribly clever ceramics designer based in our very own neighbourhood.

3. Car-pet

See what I did there? You're right, it's highly tenuous but I'm going to crack on. Yet another person who was struck by the genius stick has designed this wholly splendid jigsaw rug. It's a simple idea; a huge cream rug containing laser cut car shapes which can be filled with brightly coloured cars. It sits very comfortably between a right hoot for the nippers and a pretty nifty blast of colour and coolness the grown ups will appreciate. It's a humdinger alright. Buy one here.

4. Wooden truck/plane/submarine?

This is a real little smasher. Beautifully crafted by Manzanita, this wonderful toy can be made into the craziest vehicles your kids imaginations can muster. There is plenty of room in there to place your most treasured posessions so as you pull your self-built mode of transport around, your essentials will go with you. All hand made, all eco-friendly, all good. By golly I think this might be the toy little nippers have been wishing for for years!

5. Bicycle romper suit

If you think about it a Penny Farthing is probably the most baffling mode of transport ever invented. Why are they so tall? Why is one wheel so massive and one so tiny? Why do you have to wear a top hat and monacle to ride one? I'm sure many of you know the anwers so do let me know. There is no denying how delightful they look though. And in particular when emblazoned across the belly of a rather fetching romper suit. Top marks to Etsy for this little treat. Pip pip.