Friday Fives - Woodland / by Harry

Did you know, dear readers, you can buy woodland? My brother, Farmer Jones, has wanted to buy woodland for an age. One day he will. It may be chilly in London town but should the beautiful sunshine coax you and the kids outdoors go and explore your local wood! You never know what you might find!

1. Enchanted wood wallpaper

I am very much pro bringing the outside in. So, you know, little trees in pots, plenty of wild flowers and a nice collection of stones. That sort of thing. The perfect backdrop to these gems from Mother Nature is some lovely, nature inspired wallpaper. This piece of brilliance is an 'enchanted world of woodland folk'. Bingo. Bring those deers and bunnies inside and let them grace your walls. Pick up a roll from Hibou

2. Crochet Fox Pillow

Oohhh Foxy Loxy has never looked more delightful and snugglesome. This handmade, crochet pillow would look super lovely in any child's bedroom. This little fella even has a name; Linus. It's a goodie. Not only is Linus a pillow but due to his foxy face he can be a friend too. Talk to Linus kids..I am assured he is a very good listener. From Etsy...of course.  

3. Explorer Kit

If you are going to don your warmest coat and your niftiest of hats for an expedition into the woodland you are going to need an explorer kit. As luck would have it, those nature loving folk at National Geographic have already mustered one up. Binoculars, a compass and a man-sized water bottle are amongst the treats in this kit. Christopher Columbus eat your heart out, Little Johnny is hot on your tail! Snap one up on Amazon.

4. Woodland tumble rug

I didn't know there was such a thing as a 'tumble rug' but now I do I can tell you one thing. I want one. Right now. For kids it must feel pretty good to be able to say, 'Hey Jenny, come over here and hang out on my tumble rug.' This particular one is covered with an enchanted woodland scene. I don't think this rug could get any more perfect. It's a belter. You can buy it from Dwell.

5. Spotters Guide to Woodland Life

Now then my intrepid explorers. When out on your adventures make sure your little ones do not forget their Spotters Guide to Woodland Life. Imagine how embarrased they would be if they couldn't tell a Natterjack toad from a common toad. Blushes all round! So, be prepared. This wonderful book from Usborne is just the ticket! Now, can anyone tell me what a Great Crested Newt looks like? Buy from Amazon.