I still believe in superheroes... there, I said it. / by James Huggins

OK I tried, I really did, but I simply can't avoid a post about the new Avengers movie out this weekend. In an effort to conceal my geekish fanboy enthusiasm I have assembled (sorry) a collection of interesting bits connected with Marvel's blockbuster release.

Superhero Talk

The villain in the Avengers movie is Loki (pictured), played by the fabulous British actor Tom Hiddleston. He recently penned a short article for the Guardian on why he thinks superhero movies shouldn't be scorned by either audiences or actors. It's a smart commentary on the importance of stories and the modern myths that superhero movies evoke.

Superhero Play

Come on... Avengers Lego? What's not to love? I have nothing more to say on it.

Superhero Party

We have a little boy in our household (no not me) who's turning four very soon and has asked if he could have a superhero themed party. Everyone knows that the most important part of being a superhero is the costume right? So if you have little ones who fancy saving the world this weekend check out these killer Avengers costumes. Oh they also do adult sizes... no, of course you're not interested, ahem.