It's a SIGN!!! / by Will

As Chief Builder I was asked to create "ME" marquee lettering for our meeting room. It took a while as I had to fit it around my day job working on Me Books, but I got there in the end, and I don't mind saying folk seem rather pleased with the results. 

Here is the build in pics:

Cut letter shapes from foamboard and mount them on a wooden frame. Cut side panels from thick card (I backed them with green paper. Green's kind of our colour).

Design circuit. (I didn't actually go with this one, in the end I wired each bulb in parallel).

Wire bulbs in parallel to avoid a 'one goes they all go' Griswold's Christmas moment.

Mount letter shapes to a wooden frame and loosely fit everything together to check it all fits.

With batteries, test, test...

...and test again.

Wire into power source (in this case a 9V inverter plugged into the mains) and... It's alive... ALIVE!!!

Stick it all together. Use of Peppa Pig books optional.

Mount on wall, wire up to power source with some nice white flex and that's the Badger!!!