Make Me: Advent calendar / by Harry

A few days late but better late than never folks! I think it's safe to say we all love a good advent calendar. Why not sit down with the tots this weekend and fashion your own? You only need a few things and the satisfaction of creating your own calendar is really quite special. Here is a super easy project with a super nice result!

The Bits and Bobs you will need:

1. 25 envelopes of whichever shape, size or colour you desire.

2. A christmassy silver pen.

3. Rubber stamps and an ink pad.

4. Some tiny wooden pegs.

5. String or fairy lights.

Step 1 - Stamp, stamp, stamp

Get your rubber stamp set out and get stamping! On each envelope stamp numbers from one to twenty five. I started with the last letter first to ensure all the letters were in the same place on all of the envelopes.

Step 2 - Christmas doodles

Now you can get out that lovely silver pen and get creative. Draw christmassy things in the top left hand corner to jazz up your envelopes. I chose holly, tinsel, stars, snowflakes, fairy lights and baubles!

Step 3 - Christmas stuffing

Now it's time to fill your envelopes. You can put whatever you like in your envelopes - sweets, an activity like 'buy a Christms tree' perhaps. I decided to put a crafty activity inside mine. Each page was taken from the very wonderful activity books from The Land of Me.

Step 4 - String 'em up!

Take each of your envelopes and peg them to the string of fairy lights and marvel at how pretty the silver looks in the warm glow of Christmas.