Make Me - Halloween mask - Willow the owl / by Harry

Twit-tooo-woooop de dooooo! Whilst walking to work the other day I frolicked amongst the leaves and 'bing!' it struck me. Fallen, autumnal leaves look a lot like an owl's feathers. So, dear readers here I have fashioned a Willow the owl from The Land of Me mask perfect for Halloween. Follow the easy peasy lemon squeezy tutorial below.

The Bits and Bobs you will need:

1. The Willow owl template from The Land of Me (above)

2. Leaves in all shades of autumn (brown, rust, yellow)

3. A tube o' glue (I used UHU)

4. Yellow and brown felt

5. Child friendly scissors

6. A nice, sharp, pencil

7. A sheet of card

8. Ribbon/elastic/string to attach the mask to a little person's head!

Step 1 - Snip, snip, snip

Click on the template below, print it out on some card (not too thick mind) and then cut out Willow's face and plume ONLY. Stick them together. You need to make the holes for the string/elastic now! So, mums and dads, gently make a hole where indicated on the template and secure your string.

Step 2 - Let's get leafy

This is where the fun starts! Take your leaves and start glueing them to the card. I started with the plume and worked down. Ripping the leaves instead of cutting them to size looks nicer as you get a more natural, ragged edge. Contine to do this until the card is covered.

Step 3 - Beaky beaky

Now cut out the beak from the template. Glue some brown felt to this small piece of card and then stick the tabs to the back of the mask. Now you should see your Willow coming to life!

Step 4 - Eye, eye

Cut out Willow's eye shapes from your yellow felt. Place on the mask then gently feel where the hole is and draw a small circle on the felt. Cut out these little holes and then stick to the mask. 

Step 5 - Eh Voila!

You now have a canny owl mask that will be the envy of any Halloween party!