Snazzing up Made in Me HQ / by Harry

Recently we launched Operation: Snazz Up in our East London studio. This has taken the form of a few mini DIY projects to make sure our home from home feels just right for the festive season and a looming new year. The first of these involved giving our lockers some well deserved TLC and a few licks of paint.

The mandatory 'before' photo.

A good hour was spent picking out the colours in our local DIY store and then Will, our in-house DIY master, set about sanding and under coating all 7 of them. Pretty exhausting work!

Feast your eyes on a real DIY master at work.

Then the fun really began. A burst of colour was applied to the lockers and it was as if someone had flipped the sunshine switch. Immediately the studio was transformed and the springs in our steps became more pronounced and our grins even wider!


Stay tuned for the run down on our next foray into the heady world of DIY!