Buddy Boo

Buddy Boo's Antarctica adventure by jen outlaw

Just before Christmas of last year Buddy Boo was invited on an epic journey to the very southern part of the world by one of our best pals, Mr James Mark, to take part in the Scott/Amundsen centenary race to the South Pole 2011/2012 to help raise money for Mencap.

Traipsing over 700KM of ice and snow and pulling a 70kg sledge and sleeping in a tent, Buddy Boo accompanied James and his fellow team mate, Marc Woods for what must be one of lifes greatest adventures in the world. Needless to say Buddy Boo was in his element.

A huge congratulations to team Sladen/Woods/Mencap for spending their Christmas in the coldest, windiest, highest and driest continent in the world. An incredible effort. Well done guys!!