animal farm wallpaper

Friday Fives - Pets in the bedroom! by Harry

Not literally! I am not about to write out five reasons why Scraps should be snuggling under the duvet with the kiddies. Or indeed why Ginger should eat his Whiskas in the luxury of the nursery. What I am going to do is suggest you snap up some animal based goodies for the wee ones bedrooms. We have everything from dogs to walruses. There's something for everyone in this menagerie.

1. Walrus sticker

If you can hear an alarm going off that'll be the genius alarm. For here we have a very clever little business. We discovered Mykea today and immediately snapped up the walrus sticker for an Ikea Malm dresser. This nifty company create sticker artwork to decorate your standard Ikea furniture with. That's it. Simple but ever so smart. Check out the plentiful designs over at Mykea.

2. Dog lamp

You've got to love this little cracker. A beautifully crafted little dachshund that casts a warm glow across your slumbering munchkins. Everyone would let this puppy stand on the dresser! Look how alert and proud he is! Good dog. You can nab these in a few different colours from the very awesome Offi website.

3. Fish mobile

Fish, fish, fish, fish, fish! Who said fish have to remain under water? Some fish can fly and swim in circles. Just revel in this swish mobile from mobile kings Flensted for proof. This would look super cool in any little ones room and will soothe tired eyes to sleep as the fishies gently swim around the sky. You can net one from the top notch Bird Kids website. 

4. Animal farm wallpaper

Boom! This kind of wallpaper certainly makes an impression. It's bright, it's bold and it's a smorgasbord of animals. You can jazz up any nursery with this wall covering and also be happy in the knowledge that your kidlets will learn about animals. Is it a goat? Is it a horse? No it's a giraffe silly! Buy one from the uber cool Rare Device.

5. Alphabet poster

Ah. We couldn't finish off the Friday Fives without adding a wee bit of old school into the list. Here we have a totally charming animal alphabet poster which would look just darling framed on a nursery wall. I am particularly fond of the raccoon. Just look at him! Don't they all look adorable? This is another little gem from Etsy. So pop along and grab one!