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Dinosaur Mix - A brand new app from Cowly Owl by James Huggins

We're all over excited about Dinosaur Mix, the new app from developer Cowly Owl which is out now for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. You get to mix and match your very own dinosaur creations and set them loose in the wild! What's not to love?

With a reputation for innovative, fun and outright excellent apps Cowly Owl have garnered countless awards and fans all over the world. Even the folks at Apple agree having given their brilliant counting app Little Digits a 'Best of the Year' award. If you have little ones you MUST check them out.

Visit the Cowly Owl website

Journey by James Huggins

There was a time when I used to play a lot of video games... I mean, a lot. How things have changed. These days I play very little and dabble only with those that really catch my interest, something which few games tend to do. Journey, another tip-off from the ever vigilant Chris O'Shea, is just the kind of game that makes me wish I had more time on my hands. Starting the game lost in a barren desert landscape the only landmark is mountain in the distance, your objective as it turns out. But the emphasis here is on discovery and the atmosphere created is both uniquely enchanting and utterly engaging. Check out this interview with the creators, That Game Company.

Meet Romo, the smartphone robot by James Huggins

We saw this last week thanks to our friend Chris O'Shea. A bunch of clever, inventive chaps over at Romotive have created a way to turn your smartphone into a small robotic chum. Be honest, we all wanted one of these growing up, watching films like Short Circuit or Battle Star Galactica. Yeah you did. No? Well, maybe you know some children who'd like to get their hands on one. Either way, your very own Romo will set you back a cool $150 and you can pre-order them from the Romotive website.