New white-label game formats now available! by James Huggins

We often hear clients tell us how they would like to create a mobile or web game to support their brand but fear that the cost is prohibitive. This is probably true in most cases so we decided to find a way around this problem.

Mobile games have seen the rise in popularity of a range of specific game formats or types such as running (Temple Run, Mega Run, Robot Unicorn), jumping (Doodle Jump, Knightmare Tower) and flying (Tiny Wings, Whale Trail, Flappy Bird). Each one of these games of course has it's own unique take on the format but the fundamental concept is the same.

We've developed a game engine for each of the following format types:

  • Flying
  • Maze
  • Jumping
  • Running
  • Bubble Shooter
  • Puzzle

By adding in new graphics and making a few adjustments to the gameplay we are able to create a high quality game, of the types above, for any brand at a fraction of the normal cost. These game engines have been developed to work well both on the web and as apps.