jon burgerman

The Little Interview - Jon Burgerman by Harry

Jon Burgerman is an artist and salad enthusiast. We think he's ace. One of the walls in the Made in Me studio is covered in the most wonderful, colour-in wallpaper, designed by Mr. Burgerman. You must buy a roll or two. I insist. He is the 'King of Doodles' and employs a highly skilled team of moles to do most of the hard graft under his regal, impenetrable gaze. We asked him some questions and he gave us some answers.

1) Describe you as a child in 5 words.

Small, smelly, spotty, sad, cynical.

2) What is your favourite children’s book?

I’m not sure I have a favourite children’s book now, but as a child I enjoyed the Just William books. My older brother had them all, occasionally I was allowed to borrow and read them.

3) What was your favourite toy and why?

I had some He-Man action figures I used to like but now I cannot remember why. When I got my 10 meters swimming badge my Mum took me to Tesco and I got to choose one as a reward.

4) If you could be a fictional character from a kids TV show/film/book for a day who would it be and what would you do?

I’d like to be Metal Mickey. I loved robots. I’d just doss about for the day overdosing on atomic thunderbusters.

5) What inspired you to work within art and design?

Seeing art as a child and being encouraged to draw, doodle and paint. My Mum drew and painted
so I guess she was my first inspiration.

Bonus question: What is your favourite photo of you as a child and why?

I don’t have access to it – but in one photo (a polaroid) I’m sat with my two brothers and we’re holding a giant snake. I was wearing a t-shirt of a rabbit with sun glasses on holding up a giant ghetto blaster. My hair looked nice, my t-shirt was boss, in this photo, ignoring my brothers and remembering the snake, I was finally super cool.