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Digital Kids at The School of Life by James Huggins

The School of Life has partnered with Mumsnet to run a series of events designed especially for parents. Each one is a short talk and discussion on various aspects of parenting in the modrn world. Writer, journalist and all round top clever bloke Tom Chatfield is leading the session and so we're booked in already! In addition to writing for the Guardian and Wired he has written several books on digital culture including Fun Inc. a brilliant brief history of the games industry.

The School of Life is a delightfully curious enterprise based out of a small shop in central London where they organise all kinds of interesting lectures on 'how to live well'. Sure it sounds a bit kooky but hey, there's nothing better than a generous slice of kook every now and then. These talks are kept deliberately small meaning there are only 25 tickets available... well 23 now.

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