Friday Fives - Snow day! by Harry

Brrrrrrrrr. It's a little chilly in London Town peeps. A crisp, white, fluffy duvet of snow covers our beloved city and people are out in droves revelling in it! I have spotted many a dapper snowman and more than a few giant snow balls. So, it seemed only fitting to take the Fives into the Snowdome!

1. Melted snowmen cupcakes

I'm melting! I'm melting! These are funny and scrumptious. What a good excuse let rip with the icing, stick a carrot on it and call it a snowman. Simple to make too and a perfect cooking based way to spend a frosty afternoon. Frosty the snowman eat your heart out. There's a new snowman in town. He's called Tasty. Tasty the snowman. The recipe is right here.

2. Snow sculpting kit

Sure. A standard snowman is pretty cool with his natty scarf and twiggy hands. But what if you were able to fashion a snow dinosaur, penguin or my fave, a castle!? That's exactly what you and the kids will be up to if you buy this kit. Why! You could even hold your own snow sculpture competition. Edward Scissorhands will be quaking in his boots. Buy here.

3. Paper snowflake chain

Who said snowflakes have to be white? They do have to be pretty but not neccessarily white. This beautiful red snowflake chain looks just peachy don't you think? All you need is some card, some scissors and some snowflake know-how and you're off. It's like bringing the snow magic indoors people. Click here for instructions.

4. Inflatable polar bear sledge

Well. I never thought I would see those four words sat together. But you read correctly. You can actually buy an inflatable polar bear sledge. I kid you not. As long as your slopes are smooth you are going to have a right hoot sledging in this polar bear. It's a winter essential I tell you. Essential. Snap one up here.

5. Bear snow suit

Keeping warm when the snow comes a-calling is a tricky business. I can highly recommend a snow suit. Preferably one that comes with ears. Columbia have hit the jackpot with this little smasher. It's fleecy, it's water and wind proof and it's cute to boot. What's not to love? I've said it before and I'll say it again. I want one. Now. Available from Snow + Rock.