The Land of Me jigsaw puzzles - what's their story? / by Harry

If you haven't seen them already, we have some very beautiful jigsaw puzzles from The Land of Me for sale in our little shop. Not only do they look sumptious but the puzzle changes from night to day as you complete it! With 18 pieces of joyous jigsaw to keep your little ones entertained this is a must have!

We scoured Europe to find the jigsaw manufacturers that were just right for us and in the end we found a super company called Larsen - a family business, just like us! Based in Norway, in a beautiful little town called Flekkefjord, Pal Larsen and his team created these unique puzzles for us a few months ago.

Flekkefjord, NorwayPal's father made his first jigsaw in 1953. He used an old die cutting machine that earlier generations had used to make slippers, to cut out the pieces, and an old Singer sewing machine that he had rebuilt into a saw to make the cutting tools. Now that's resourceful!

Inside the Larsen factory

We loved working with Pal and everyone else at Larsen Puzzles and are over the moon with our very special puzzles.