The Little Interview - Bill Donegan of Special Effect / by Harry

Special Effect is a wonderful organisation who go out of their way to do whatever it takes to help people with disabilities to enjoy games. For young people with disabilities, the majority of computer games are simply too quick or too difficult to play. Special Effect help them and their parents to find out which games they CAN play, and how to adapt those games that they can’t. Bill Donegan is the R&D whizz and a jolly nice fella to boot!

Bill is dressed as Robin.

1) Describe you as a child in 5 words.

Shy, excited, gentle, lively, wary.

2) What is your favourite children’s book?

Burgler Bill

3) What was your favourite toy and why?

My marbles, because you could play alone or with friends or could just count them or look at them. A very versatile toy!

4) If you could be a fictional character from a kids TV show/film/book for a day who would it be and what would you do?

I wouldn't mind being the BFG for a day. I'd probably go for a long walk which would cover most of the coast of Britain with my large strides and perhaps even go to see the Queen for tea at Buckingham Palace again too, if there was time.

5) What inspired you to do the work you do?

I've always enjoyed playing games since I was a kid, whether on a computer or outside with a ball. For some children they may not be able to play outside due to their disabilty, but there may be a way they can play with their brothers and sisters or friends if we can find a way for them to be able to use a computer. Playing games is really important for lots of reasons, but most of all just for fun!