The Little Interview - Petros Lafazanidis from Milo Creative / by Harry

The magic of Me Books would not be possible without the wizard like skills of our dear friend Petros Lafazanidis from Milo Creative. I am not sure how big Petros's brain is but I am sure it's a lot bigger than mine. I imagine it looks like the inside of a computer. We found out a bit more about what Petros was like as a child and more importanly how cool he looked when brandishing a stick.

Captain Stick says "I love the sea but I equally love heading off to the mountains. This picture captures the free spirit we children enjoyed during the summer holidays in my mother's village up in the mountains"

 1) Describe you as a child in 5 words.
Always dreamy, bit shy, stubborn

2) What is your favourite children’s book?

The whole Asterix and Tin Tin collections

3) What was your favourite toy and why?

My favourite uncle and godfather Kostas had brought me this lovely plastic shiny hand gun which was the best toy a child had ever had. Alas, it didn't last longer than 2 hours as it got smashed into pieces by me and my cousin.

4) If you could be a fictional character from a kids TV show/film/book for a day who would it be and what would you do?

Very obvious answer for a Greek. But of course it has to be Ulysses and as a bonus maybe from the animated series Ulysses 31.

5) What inspired you to work within digital arts world?

As a child I believe I dreamt about the days when all computers would connect with each other. It all clicked when in 1993 a colleague showed us NCSA Mosaic for the first time