The Little Interview: Richard E. Grant / by jen outlaw

Some say he shot to fame for his role in Withnail and I, but in my eyes he holds a special place for playing Jack, in one of my favourite films ever, Jack and Sarah! Films aside, when we received news that Mr Richard E. Grant agreed to narrate for one of the greatest picture book collections ever published - Peter Rabbit - the champagne came out and the dancing shoes on. He was also kind enough to answer some questions. What a lovely man! Ladies and gentelmen, the one and only, Mr Richard E. Grant.

1) Describe yourself as a child in five words.
Extremely curious, skinny and fast.

2) Do you remember the Peter Rabbit books from when you were a child?
I loved Jemima Puddleduck and had a record of it which had very funny characterisations and will never forget 'Flyyyyyyyyy Jemima, Flyyyyyyyyyyyy'. The fact that all the books were miniature sized made especially for children with beautiful illustrations guaranteed their place next to my bed.

3) Me Books aims to inspire children to read. Do you think it's important to encourage kids to read, and why?

Nothing beats going to sleep with a bed time story. Perfectly bridges the gap between being awake and dreaming. Unlike watching TV, the story always feels like its just written for you and nobody else knows what you're reading about and that makes you feel very independent.

4) What are your opinions on the Print vs. Digital debate?

The naysayers predicted radio would be killed off by TV, the movies by sound, films by video and DVD, books by Kindle. Any and every format for reading gets my vote.

5) What was your favourite book as a child?
Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan and The Borrowers and The Water Babies and I'd better stop as you've only asked for a favourite, but they were, and all remain favourites.

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