The Little Interview - Shell Thomas / by Harry

Hello everyone! Today The Little Interview is all about out good friend Shell Thomas! Shell is an incredibly talented artist and makes products out of cardboard. We first spotted her lovely cardboard genius when we saw Reggie the Eco Rocker at TENT London. Since then she has made us some beautiful cardboard Welsh dressers and a snazzy point of sale for The Land of Me. She is a real gem!

Here I am at Fox Street Pre-School, in 1984 (aged 3-4). Due to the near-transparent colour of my hair, it's difficult to see that, just before photo-time, I treated my fringe to a little trim - and being the generous little friend I was, I kindly offered the same service to a number of my fellow classmates.

1) Describe yourself as a child in 5 words.

Mischievous, chatterbox, smartypants, pet lover

2) What is your favourite children’s book?

The BFG. I just loved Roald Dahl and Mum would always bring these books back for me when she'd been away with my sister, on a swimming trip to Sydney. We lived in a small town in Northern NSW and, while I am certain we had books, Mum would visit the ABC (our version of the BBC) shop in Sydney and bring back these, and sometimes these ridiculous singing books, which were also terribly popular.

3) What was your favourite toy and why?

Purple Durple, my sister's purple hippopotamus soft toy which was bought on a trip to Kmart in Lismore (circa 1987) with our Granny and Poppy (Great Grandfather). I couldn't even tell you what toy I selected that day, but what The 'Durp represents here is an endless yearning for anything my big sister, Amy had.

I did have a lovely wombat at some point... 

4) If you could be a fictional character from a kids TV show/film/book for a day who would it be and what would you do?

Evie from Out of this World. Not sure whether this series aired in the UK or not, but it was the dorky precursor to "Sabrina The Teenage Witch" and, in my humble opinion, far superior. Evie was half alien and had a whole load of special powers, the best of which was the ability to freeze time (activated by joining her index fingers together in front of her). So I guess I'd freeze time and busy about wreaking havoc by moving stuff around and creating puzzling installations all over town!

Click here for embarrassing intro video

5) What inspired you to work within art and design?

Well, I have always loved "things". Particularly sets of things, one of each colour. You wouldn't find me hanging out in the toy isles in department stores, the home wares section was where it was at! When I was about 3 and people would ask me what I wanted for Christmas, I would say "a pellow", which was how I said "pillow" at the time. Poor Mum would have to explain that I did have a pillow already - several! But this was what I wanted, and I remember writing my name on it in pink texta when I got it... Missed the 'e' off the end (Shell is short for Michelle - for precisely this reason :-)