Boredom Busters     Play Scotland

Boredom Busters is an app that lets you discover, create and share videos that inspire kids with new ways to play.


We worked with charity Play Scotland to develop an app that would let kids and families inspire each other with innovative and novel ways to play. By tapping into children's screen time and the popularity of YouTube we developed an app that lets them record and share videos that demonstrate the ways they like to tackle boredom with fun stuff to do.

How does it work?

To create a video the user has 10 seconds to answer each of the three following questions posed by the app:

1. What shall we do?
2. What is that?
3. Show me.

Each answer is a 10 second video clip that the app then stitches together adding titles and branding. The finished video can then be shared locally or uploaded to the official Boredom Busters channel for a chance to be featured in the app and YouTube channel.

What did Made in Me do?

We devised and developed the concept for the app with Play Scotland, designing and creating versions for iOS and Android as well as the supporting website and YouTube channel.