Strategy + Consultancy

True, there are many new ways to reach your audience, but let's be honest, being heard above the digital din is really, really, really, really hard.

Like you, we're always sceptical when folk say they have all the answers so first things first, we don't. What we do have is an awful lot knowledge and experience that we have acquired the good old fashioned hard way - by doing it ourselves.

Over the last 5 years we have designed, built, launched and supported our own digital strategy and those of many clients and so we feel like we have a pretty decent handle on what works and what doesn't.

We decided to work with Made in Me not only because they produce high quality digital content, but also because they are passionate about creating experiences that help children learn, develop and create. This made for a perfect fit with Save the Children.
— Joe Morrison, Save the Children
Made in Me are a great partner to work with. Their commercial sensibilities and innovative approach to digital are a rare combination in the space.
— Adam Royce, VP Digital Content Development, Penguin USA