Little Legends

Little Legends follows the every day adventures of your favourite fairytale characters

Tale Town is a faraway kingdom full of extraordinary children that you just might recognise. Imagine all the fairy tale characters you know and love, living together. A wondrous world full of witches, wolves, dragons and fairies where magic and mystery crackle through the air. Join Red, Jack, Anansi, Princess Rapunzel and their friends and enemies as they face danger and excitement in school, at home - and at every turn!

This school-aged property featuring an Avengers-style assembly of fairy tale characters reveals what they got up to outside of and before they became famous in the stories we all know.

Created by Made in Me and Tom Percival, Little Legends is a series of books published by Pan Macmillan and a mobile game published by Made in Me.

The Book Series
Mobile Game

We developed a mobile game to accompany the release of the Little Legends book series

Developed in Unity the app has been made available for free on the Apple, Google Play and Amazon app stores.