McDonald's      Happy Readers

Happy Readers is a new app that allows kids to get free interactive books with every Happy Meal

Developed by Made in Me for McDonald's Australia, Happy Readers is an app that allows children to download free interactive books with every Happy Meal.

We worked with digital agency The Zoo Republic and McDonald's Australia to create the official Happy Readers app. In a move to make better use of the huge numbers of children in their restaurants McDonald's Australia wanted to offer free interactive books with the purchase of a Happy Meal.

The app contains a collection of 16 popular titles from publishers including NickelodeonAndersen Press and comics legends IDW. Free to download for iOS and Android the app has 3 free books available to everyone with further titles to be unlocked using special codes printed on Happy Meal boxes.

Built using our patented Me Books technology the Happy Readers app allows children to listen to their favourite stories as well as record their own versions.

Made in Me was also tasked with securing the titles for the promotion working with our publishing partners to quickly and easily populate the app with world-famous characters and brands including Dora the Explorer, Angry Birds and Elmer.

The Happy Readers app is only available in Australia where it is free to download from the iTunes and Google Play app stores.