Me Books Audio Credits

Here's a list of all the audio content we've used in our Me Books that we didn't create ourselves. A big thanks to all the nice people who let us use it!


S: Brick-Drag-Concrete-05.wav by D W | License: Attribution

S: metal glass makes long 'PING!' sound.aif by Tomlija | License: Attribution

S: ping 2.wav by cameronmusic | License: Attribution

S: Large Splashes.wav by CGEffex | License: Attribution

S: water_splash.wav by | License: Attribution

S: SFX 3 Final.wav by ssaada1 | License: Sampling+

S: Sonar Ping.wav by digifishmusic | License: Attribution

S: Oven Interior.aif by Toybox | License: Attribution

S: shaker.wav by jakobthiesen | License: Attribution

S: BallKick.wav by mikaelfernstrom | License: Attribution

S: snapping-chain by CosmicEmbers | License: Attribution

S: Splashingpuddle.wav by mikaelfernstrom | License: Attribution

S: candy wrapper crinkle F.wav by volivieri | License: Attribution

S: Opening Candy Bar Wrapper.wav by senorsolo007 | License: Sampling+

S: Woo Hoo.wav by twiggles | License: Sampling+

S: double_bass_plucked_rucksack.wav by jayc66 | License: Sampling+

S: trumpetC2.wav by slothrop | License: Sampling+

S: trumpetG2.wav by slothrop | License: Sampling+

S: trumpetF3.wav by slothrop | License: Sampling+

S: large_creaking_door.wav by gregswinford | License: Attribution

S: large_doorbell.wav by gregswinford | License: Attribution

S: Boing.wav by juskiddink | License: Attribution

S: jaw_harp9.mp3 by 3bagbrew | License: Attribution

S: Steel Sauce Pan and Whisk by be-steele | License: Attribution

S: Baking Tray Hits.wav by earthsounds | License: Attribution

S: wobble_12.wav by matucha | License: Attribution

S: Crockery_1.wav by coldwellw | License: Attribution

S: horse snort 7.wav by ERH | License: Attribution

S: CrackingDryWood.wav by HerbertBoland | License: Attribution

S: ROCKET START UP.wav by Cyberkineticfilms | License: Attribution

S: The sea at Branksome Chine.wav by KingOwnian | License: Attribution

S: beach sea ocean waves crush breakwater.WAV by bulbastre | License: Attribution

S: Children playing on an indoor playground in Germany by johannes_peschke | License: Attribution

S: Unrolling And Rolling Map.wav by Benboncan | License: Attribution

S: Gas torch flame effect by Speedenza | License: Attribution

S: Nose Blowing.wav by mookie182 | License: Attribution

S: Birds In A Cage On Antibiotics.wav by gelo_papas | License: Attribution

S: fishtank.wav by NoiseCollector | License: Attribution

S: FishTank Bubbles.wav by skeetdawg | License: Sampling+

S: brushing_hair.aif by Corsica_S | License: Attribution

S: Squeeky floor.wav by juskiddink | License: Attribution

S: polite_applause_12.wav by joedeshon | License: Attribution

S: Old Police Siren.wav by CGEffex | License: Attribution

S: ModelAHorn.wav by daveincamas | License: Attribution

S: Down The Stairs Into the Basement by kramsttop | License: Attribution

S: Wheelchair.wav by Shearwater256 | License: Attribution

S: Fire.flac by Batuhan | License: Sampling+

S: Sawing 2x4.wav by CGEffex | License: Attribution

S: Tada1.mp3 by usinggarageband | License: Attribution

S: piano F Minor chord.5th octave.wav by juskiddink | License: Attribution

S: Piano Transition [ 2 ] by NenadSimic | License: Attribution

S: rattleSounds.wav by roscoelee | License: Attribution

S: Rattler.aif by HolyGhostParty | License: Sampling+

S: Dices_throw.wav by MaxDemianAGL | License: Attribution

S: referee-whistle.wav by Pablo-F | License: Attribution

S: Sizzle_Smolder_Extinguish.wav by kMoon | License: Attribution

S: bubbling02.wav by MattJ99 | License: Attribution

S: Applause 5 by unfa | License: Attribution

S: Woozy.wav by gcmax | License: Attribution

S: Fire.flac by Batuhan | License: Sampling+

S: petit feu-little fire (2).wav by Glaneur de sons | License: Attribution

S: Step.wav by CGEffex | License: Attribution

S: ph o b8 39 Giant steps.wav by ERH | License: Attribution

S: Lava loop.wav by Audionautics | License: Attribution

S: sci fi space ttn 1 b3 49.wav by ERH | License: Attribution

S: Slime Movement by StephenSaldanha | License: Attribution

S: cartoon_siren_whistle_001.wav by | License: Attribution

S: cat crash.mp3 by alvarojmarquez | License: Sampling+

S: Rope pull 1.wav by Huggy13ear | License: Attribution

S: Pirate Ship at Bay.wav by CGEffex | License: Attribution

S: Pratos.wav by sir_majelians | License: Sampling+

S: Dog Eating Biscuit.wav by Pogotron | License: Sampling+

S: Meg lapping.wav by ERH | License: Attribution

S: glass clink.mp3 by jbates18 | License: Sampling+

S: utensil clink.mp3 by jbates18 | License: Sampling+

S: 20070824.supper.wav by dobroide | License: Attribution

S: growl.wav by wingz | License: Sampling+

S: Aggressive Guard Dogs by Oneirophile | License: Attribution

S: WHINE1.wav by Sruddi1 | License: Sampling+

S: Yelp.wav by Dariachic | License: Sampling+

S: Scratching zombie by Slave2theLight | License: Attribution

S: Bees_2.wav by digifishmusic | License: Attribution

S: lawnmower.wav by nissse | License: Attribution

S: lawnmower.wav by mystiscool | License: Attribution

S: Spray Effect by qubodup | License: Attribution

S: Dragon Land by Cyberkineticfilms | License: Attribution

S: Aluminium Cans Tipped.wav by Benboncan | License: Attribution

S: crash17 toys.wav by FreqMan | License: Attribution

S: olla 9.aif by timlaroche | License: Attribution

S: pots n pans n trashcan 04.aif by volivieri | License: Attribution

S: streets.mp3 by themfish | License: Attribution

S: 405_Car_Horn_Serenade.wav by cinemafia | License: Sampling+

S: RBH_Chain Link Fence 01.wav by RHumphries | License: Attribution

S: Whip Crack 01.wav by CGEffex | License: Attribution

S: whip_crack.flac by chadwellAK | License: Attribution

S: bin.window.wav by dobroide | License: Attribution

S: boxes_falling_down_stairs_01.wav by joedeshon | License: Attribution

S: Galloping Horse.wav by prosounder | License: Sampling+

S: 20051208.xmas.street.chorus.flac by dobroide | License: Attribution

S: MidwayAirportPeopleWallkwayConveyerBeltTerminalB.WAV by bmccoy2 | License: Attribution

S: paper01-unfolding_paper#2.flac by zerolagtime | License: Attribution

S: sleigh bells.wav by reinsamba | License: Attribution

S: carterattack.mp3 by guitarguy1985 | License: Attribution

S: Boot & spurs.wav by CGEffex | License: Attribution

S: writing in pencil.wav by Corsica_S | License: Attribution

S: water_drip-echo2.wav by roscoetoon | License: Attribution

S: horror gate.aif by Tomlija | License: Attribution

S: rbh thunder_12.wav by RHumphries | License: Attribution

S: Edited raspberries.wav by FreqMan | License: Attribution

S: Fire Alarm.wav by Benboncan | License: Attribution

S: whoosh04.wav by FreqMan | License: Attribution

S: AMBIENT LOOP - Perfectly Clear - Wilderness Hillside - FILTERED.mp3 by Arctura | License: Attribution

S: R09_0038-Garden Cricket - 3.mp3 by monterey2000 | License: Sampling+

S: concrete blocks moving1.wav by FreqMan | License: Attribution

S: sh_digging_labored_breathing.wav by shall555 | License: Attribution

S: running hard surface.wav by bevangoldswain | License: Sampling+

S: WalkingHome.wav by HerbertBoland | License: Attribution

S: DryLeavesWalk.wav by HerbertBoland | License: Attribution

S: one use camera clic with flash.wav by emmanuel | License: Attribution

S: digicamerasound.wav by crk365 | License: Attribution

S: camera_snap1.wav by thecheeseman | License: Attribution

S: Canon DOS D30 (no focus).wav by FreqMan | License: Attribution

S: metalbox.wav by TwistedLemon | License: Attribution

S: 10-kiev-train-station-announcements-voices-people.wav by Bram | License: Attribution

S: sh_shop_door_bell_openclose.wav by shall555 | License: Attribution

S: idling.bus.engine.20050813.mp3 by dobroide | License: Attribution

S: didge.mp3 by didgebaba | License: Attribution

S: Kisses.aif by | License: Sampling+

S: Screaming 4.wav by vtownpunks | License: Attribution

S: crow.wav by vixuxx | License: Sampling+S: Dog eating chewing - squelchy, zombie, guts sounds by GrahamDonnelly | License: Attribution

S: bush1.wav by schademans | License: Attribution

S: North Sea.wav by Soarer | License: Attribution

S: Crowd_cheering_football_01.wav by wanna73 | License: Attribution

S: tea_cup01.wav by andre.rocha.nascimento | License: Attribution

S: tea_cup02-drag.wav by andre.rocha.nascimento | License: Attribution

S: Newspaper rustle.wav by sdfalk | License: Attribution

S: Rain_Patter_01.wav by Koops | License: Attribution

S: woman crying sobbing cry sob sad.wav by bulbastre | License: Attribution

S: spons1zacht.wav by Anton | License: Attribution

S: 14_drink_geluiden.aif by Greencouch | License: Attribution

S: Fireplace.WAV by inchadney | License: Attribution

S: frontdoor-lock.wav by TwistedLemon | License: Attribution

S: hallow drone.wav by DJ Chronos | License: Attribution

S: feedback_interlude_ii.wav by iktinus | License: Attribution

S: Party Sounds.wav by FreqMan | License: Attribution

S: object falls (5).wav by FreqMan | License: Attribution

S: 011 Door opens and shuts.wav by FreqMan | License: Attribution

S: SPOT surprize, crowd gasp.wav by thorvandahl | License: Attribution

S: eating_chips_by_fresco.wav by fresco | License: Attribution

S: 20061105.sniffing.02.wav by dobroide | License: Attribution

S: Lapping Waves and Sea Gulls 2.wav by digifishmusic | License: Attribution

S: walking_through_forest_2007_04_15.wav by reinsamba | License: Attribution

S: Rockfall in mine.wav by Benboncan | License: Attribution

S: 20091216.port.04.wav by dobroide | License: Attribution

S: Construction Site 01.wav by LG | License: Attribution

S: hammering11.wav by WIM | License: Attribution

S: hammering12.wav by WIM | License: Attribution

S: Deutz-Tractor-Engine-1972.wav by Erdie | License: Attribution

S: 201009.deer.roar.01.wav by dobroide | License: Attribution

S: 4_shakes-a.wav by destron | License: Sampling+

S: Steel Bar.wav by Benboncan | License: Attribution

S: crash-A-custom-18-high-vol.wav by ltibbits | License: Sampling+

S: infant_drumming_2.flac by Corsica_S | License: Attribution

S: BigDogBarking_02.wav by mich3d | License: Attribution

S: Rooster chicken calls_2.wav by AGFX | License: Attribution

S: RBH_Household_drawer 05.wav by RHumphries | License: Attribution

S: by dobroide | License: Attribution

S: footsteps_dress_shoes_01.aif by Corsica_S | License: Attribution

S: rubber duck big 2 by ermfilm | License: Attribution

S: Sheep.flac by Erdie | License: Attribution

S: 20080103.teeth.chatter.02.faster.wav by dobroide | License: Attribution

S: Cat Meow.wav by kklab5050 | License: Attribution

S: car_horn.wav by KRAFTWERK2K1 | License: Sampling+

S: Cow Close.wav by Benboncan | License: Attribution

S: claxon.wav by han1 | License: Attribution

S: Hollywood_5am_Bus_and_Car_Horn.wav by cinemafia | License: Sampling+

S: human_baby_toddler_male_15_months_laugh.wav by | License: Attribution

S: baby8.wav by Erdie | License: Attribution

S: Jazzgiggle-10-8-05(9mo).mp3 by levinj | License: Attribution

S: BatsFlap.wav by treyc | License: Sampling+

S: Pig 7 (B).wav by confusion_music | License: Attribution

S: baby_laugh2.wav by reinsamba | License: Attribution

S: baby_laugh1.wav by reinsamba | License: Attribution

S: snoring_sample.wav by jppi_Stu | License: Attribution

S: scream_group_women.aif by thanvannispen | License: Attribution

S: Office02.wav by LG | License: Attribution

S: 95 flute loop.wav by Thirsk | License: Attribution

S: FillGlass.wav by M-RED | License: Attribution

S: by dobroide | License: Attribution

S: Yawn 2 by OwlStorm | License: Attribution