Once upon a time you dropped a piece of trash ...

Your trash landed in the street and was blown into the gutter. The rain fell and washed your trash into a drain. From there your trash found its way through a maze of pipes and tunnels until it was spit out into the open water. For days, weeks and months your trash moved with the currents, bobbing along on the surface of the oceans.

Eventually your trash met other trash. From big chunks of household waste to the smallest pouches of silica gel, trash of all shapes, colours and sizes was pushed together to form a vast floating garbage patch. It swirled hungrily in the ocean, growing ever larger, flourishing in the baking hot sun. 

But no one could predict what happened next! Rubbish fused with the sea creatures that happened to be nearby, creating a bond closer than even nature itself could have possibly imagined. 

How exactly did it happen? Well, that’s a ponderance best left to very serious people with beards and furrowed brows who work in large stone buildings and use words like ‘evidently’ and ‘hmmm’. But happen it did and what occurred next was truly remarkable …

Thingamybobs is a creative concept that we're developing with writer Dave Carr who first told us about the very real existence of a vast garbage patch called the Pacific VortexWe all agreed that a floating island of junk far out to sea was fertile storytelling ground.

Thingamybobs was created by Made in Me, writer Dave Carr and illustrator Nick Stoney. The brand is being developed for publishing, digital formats and TV.