Made in Me.
A story of Outlaws and In-Laws.

With studios in the UK and Spain, we're a collective of seasoned entrepreneurs, designers, developers and gamers pouring heart and soul into the work we do.

Made in Me - The Land of Me

Pushing pixels since 2009

Made in Me was founded in 2009 by brothers-in-law James Huggins and Mike Outlaw. Prior to that they had both worked in the computer graphics and visual effects industries, experiencing first-hand the potential for technology to unlock new creative possibilities. Ever since, Made in Me has carved out a reputation for harnessing world class design and development skills in service of consistently unique and innovative ideas.

Playtime is never over

Due to a firm belief in the power and importance of play, J and Mike have steered the studio towards more playful and game focused projects. Whether it's a simple browser game created using Made in Me's proprietary white label games service, or the world's first fitness wearable designed for schools, Moki, the studio is driven by the desire to create exceptional products far beyond the client's and user's expectations.

Made in Me - James Huggins


Prior to co-founding Made in Me with Mike, James 'J' was a Co-Founder of Escape Studios, one of the foremost computer graphics and visual effects academies in the world before it was acquired by Pearson Education. J and Mike are also both co-Founders of Moki, a start-up using wearable technology to promote physical activity in schools.

J has a passion for design, especially loud, graphic t-shirts of the 80's and 90's, as well as all aspects of video game design and culture. What's more he has a strange obsession with caps. Everyone has their thing. J spends most of his free time pushing pixels and code around for a collection of ongoing pet projects.

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Made in Me - Mike Outlaw


After years spent in the windowless basements of London's ad agencies Mike jumped at the chance to use his talents for something a little more meaningful and fun. That was 2009. Ever since he's been designing and developing projects with his brother-in-law and childhood friend J. Mike is also a co-Founder of Moki, a start-up using wearable technology to promote physical activity in schools.

Mike lives in the countryside of Spain where his wife grew up. He plays guitar badly in a terrible rock band (they'll never read this) and prefers 90's hip hop anyway. He bores everyone silly with his love of growing food, baking bread and his chickens.

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