Youtuber and Crypto entrepreneur Alex Becker teases fans with Neo Tokyo mini games.


Neo Tokyo Mini Games


Alex Becker

Made in Me - Alex Becker Neo Tokyo

Blockchain, Crypto and Video Games

Whilst blockchain technology and its applications, such as Crypto currencies and assets, is still in its infancy, the idea of virtual currency is nothing new to video games. It is perhaps for this reason that the gaming industry has been quick to start experimenting with this new technology. Successful Entrepreneur, Youtuber and Gamer, Alex Becker is an investor in crypto games projects and has even launched one of his own, Neo Tokyo, an online community of investors and developers active in this new space.

Alex Becker's Neo Tokyo

Alex got in touch with us because he wanted to quickly and affordably produce a few retro styled mini games to entertain his burgeoning following on Twitter and build hype for his new crypto games project Neo Tokyo. With the name inspired by the setting in the classic anime film Akira, it's no surprise he wanted something dark, cyberpunk-y and retro. A classic 1-bit (black and white) pixel style was perfect for the Neo Tokyo aesthetic and two comapnion games titled 'Escape' and 'Evade' were the result.

Made in Me - Alex Becker Neo Tokyo - Evade 1
Made in Me - Alex Becker Neo Tokyo - Evade 2
Made in Me - Alex Becker Neo Tokyo - Escape 1
Made in Me - Alex Becker Neo Tokyo - Escape 2

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