Supporting early maths learning for children with Down Syndrome.


The Amazing Adventures of Millie Moreorless


Enabling Play

Made in Me - Millie Moreorless

The power of play

We were approached by Enabling Play to help the develop, design and build a mobile game that would help children with Down Syndrome tackle early maths concepts. Having secured funding from the fabulous REACT Play Sandbox project we worked with a team that included brother and sister Will and Cara Jessop from Enabling Play along with Professor Jill Porter from the University of Bath.

Less is more... or less

The Amazing Adventures of Millie Moreorless takes the player on a journey through strange alien worlds with intergalactic girl scout Millie Moreorless. Her progress depends on the player's ability to raise or lower the terrain by choosing 'more' or 'less'. This central logic is based on the concept of magnitude which research has shown is fundamental to children's early understanding of maths fundamentals.

Project Requirements

Made in Me worked closely with Enabling Play and Professor Jill Porter to design and build a simple but exciting mobile game around the idea of magnitude. Made in Me commissioned illustrator and animator Nick Stoney to create the artwork for the game.

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