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Schools and the war on inactivity

Schools are under more pressure than ever before to show how they are tackling physical activity with their performance being rated by the UK government from 2019. But how can schools do this? How can they identify their least active pupils and monitor the activity of the school as a whole?

The Moki wristband and browser app

Moki is a smart wristband and Windows app that measures in-school physical activity and provides user-friendly reports for schools and teachers. For pupils, Moki can be used to create personalised challenges for individual children and/or classes or groups linked to positive rewards and achievements.

Project Requirements

Developed in partnership with Moki Health Made in Me worked closely with academics, educators, schools and children to design and develop the complete Moki hardware and software solution from the ground up. Additional work included the Moki branding, packaging and website development.

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