Shopify celebrates its origins with a retro arcade love letter to Snow Boarding.


Snow Devils



Made in Me - Shopify Snow Devils

From an online shop to Shopify

Shopify is the world's leading e-commerce platform and a multi billion dollar juggernaut but it wasn't always this way. Founder Tobias 'Tobi' Lütke started out selling Snowboards with his friends with an online store called Snow Devil back in 2004. It was arduous process of creating an online store for Snow Devil that gave him the idea that there should be a better way. Shopify has shown that he wasn't wrong.

Shopify Excite Developer Conference

Shopify approached us to help design and develop a simple and fun casual Snowboarding game for attendees of Shopify Excite, their annual developers conference. They also wanted the game's aesthetic to mimic the pixel art retro style of classic arcade games. In the end we settled on the 4-colour aesthetic of the original Nintendo Gameboy games given that their distinctive green-ish hue evoked Shopify's own branding nicely.

Made in Me - Shopify Snow Devils - Gameplay GIFS
Made in Me - Shopify Snow Devils - Title Screen
Made in Me - Shopify Snow Devils - Gameplay Screen
Made in Me - Shopify Snow Devils - Death Screen

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