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Made in Me - Yak Yak

It's market research but... fun?

Kids Know Best are a full service digital agency focused on helping brands engage with the kids and youth market. When they approached us with an idea to create a market research app aimed at children we were intrigued at the significant challenge this presented. With so much digital media vying for children's attention in an over-saturated mobile landscape, how on earth could a poll and survey app possibly stand a chance?

Designing for kids is easy... and impossible.

The unique challenges encountered when designing interactive experiences for kids is part of why we love it so much. There's a brutal but refreshing honesty in how children interact with media leaving little margin for error. That being said we decided to focus on the fact that kids love talking about stuff their passionate about. Couple that with familiar game mechanics for earning points and rewards to spend on real world gear, and you have Yak Yak.

Made in Me - Yak Yak - 1
Made in Me - Yak Yak - 2
Made in Me - Yak Yak 3
Made in Me - Yak Yak 4

Project Requirements

Made in Me worked with Kids Know Best to develop the concept and designs in order to deliver the initial mobile app for iOS and Android devices. Included in this scope of work was extensive modelling for an app that would effectively require Kids Know Best to pay for insights from Yak Yak users. This required a delicate balance between cost benefit to the business, and time benefit to the user.

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